Our Products

Our Biscuits are elaborated according to the recipes of François Pierre de La Varenne who was a famous cook of Louis XIV. We have reinterpreted some recipes to be in tune with today’s trend but always with respect and searching for original and authentic taste.

We present a range of sweets made by hand, with finely selected ingredients to offer you the best: no additives, no preservatives.

We present you a collection of wonderful macaroons with perfect roundness. Crunchy, fluffy and … melty, our great classics but also our associations of different flavors make Maison La Varenne THE specialist of high-end macaroons.

Discover the assortments of perfumes from our collection of macaroon. Our flavors vary with the seasons for always more taste …

Our pride and commitment is to guarantee the exceptional quality of our products. It begins with the rigorous selection of the right fruit varieties suitable for confectioning to achieve the perfect mix with sugar and obtain the rare and subtle balance to delight you.

All our products are natural, preservative-free and handcrafted.

Manufacturer of chocolate, Maison La Varenne has created for your pleasure, a range of chocolate candies that combines elegance and finenesse.

Succumb to our fruity ganaches, our crunchy pralines, the creaminess and the melty of our Great Classics, specially designed to awaken your senses.